VAT ID validation
VAT ID validation

Comprehensive VAT I D check

Compliance doesn't have to be taxing
As of 1st Jan 2010, your business is obliged to have an accurate set of VAT IDs for your foreign customers and suppliers. Checking and updating VAT IDs is a labour-intensive process – one that IVS can manage for you.

Check and update VAT IDs to ensure complete accuracy
IVS collaborate with your customers and suppliers to correct invalid entries.

Certify all customer and supplier VAT IDs
IVS provide written confirmation to certify all of your VAT IDs.

VAT ID Validation Features

  • Check customer and/or supplier VAT IDs
  • Provide a dated verification code issued from the European VIES system
  • Correction service for invalid entries by collaboration with customers / suppliers
  • Certify all customer and/or supplier VAT IDs in the form of written confirmation
  • Confirm the type of VAT ID:
    • Fixed VAT establishment
    • Registration through VAT representative
    • Global VAT number (simplified VAT representation)
    • Direct registration – no establishment
  • Accreditation service - IVS will obtain certificates of good standing or other commercial documents- to confirm the status of the customer/supplier as a credible business partner

VAT ID Validation benefits

  • Achieve full compliance with new VAT rules without losing hundreds of man hours on a labour-intensive task
  • Avoid penalties with highly-accurate and tested information
  • Save time with regular, systematic checks to eliminate the need to chase customers and suppliers for individual transactions
  • Reduce fraud risks (missing trader/carousel fraud) with thorough checks on suppliers and customers